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Animal Crossing Central News

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8/07/2005: Updates Ceased
Though the lack of updates in the past year and a half pretty much speaks for itself, I figured I'd go ahead and make it official. As was to be expected, many of those who would find benefit from the site have lost interest in the game, myself included.

Thus I have no future plans of revamping or updating the site with new content. ACC will, however, be kept alive for posterity thanks to the sporadic donations that are still coming in from old and new members alike. Everything you see now will remain intact, and regular maintenance will continue. Just don't expect to see anything new.

3/04/2004: Spoofed E-Mails, Virus Threats
With the recent onslaught of the Beagle, MyDoom, and Netsky worms, you may be receiving e-mails that appear to be from ACC (but actually are not, as the "from" address has been spoofed) that contain attachments. Do not open the attachments, as they more than likely contain one of the aforementioned viruses. Unless you have recently written to ACC or just registered for a new account, you should not receive any e-mails from this site.

If you have not run a virus scan on your PC in some time or suspect your computer may be infected with one of these viruses, it is recommended you get some antivirus software and run a scan to prevent further spreading of these worms.

1/07/2004: ACC Not Disappearing
Despite the rumors, the site will not be vanishing after the 20th. The domain name has already been renewed and the site will remain active for much time to come. However, as the general interest in Animal Crossing has waned over the months, it is unlikely there will be any more significant updates. I may resume work on the site if or when Animal Crossing 2 is released, or the site may become a branch of a new expanded site if I can ever find the time for such a project, but I'm not making any promises.

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